Decentralized green tokens for the carbon conscious future.

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How Paris Works



The Paris Protocol is a decentralized blockchain system that validates carbon transactions for increased carbon accountability.



Unlike carbon credits and other green systems, Paris incentivizes participation on the platform through tradeable PARI Tokens, providing incentives which offset associated costs. 



The Paris Protocol is a global system which can be accessed and used by individuals, corporations, and governments to validate carbon transactions across the entire carbon cycle, from energy to consumption. 


Meet Paris


We are a team of civic technologists, environmentalists, and blockchain specialists who teamed up to fight the most pressing challenge of our time. We believe that technology can provide both the required accountability and incentive for organizations to reduce their carbon footprint and save our planet. 


Our goal is nothing short of a tectonic shift towards global carbon accounting and the adoption of PARI-denominated transactions across the entire carbon chain. In doing so, we seek to foundationally change the way carbon externalities are accounted for in global trade and consumption. The Paris Protocol is, at its most ambitious, the mechanism through which consumers, corporations, and governments adopt carbon accounts with PARI as its reserve currency.


The Paris Protocol, which includes PARI creation and exchange, remunerates those participants who transmit/broadcast, validate, or process data derived from economic transactions.  The Paris Protocol provides added rewards for those entities which the consensus has affirmed to reduce either carbon emissions or the consumption of carbon budget.


The Paris Protocol is built on the decentralized, open source blockchain. The protocol uses PoH/PoS hybridized consensus, which further acts as an impetus for community participants to maintain ongoing engagement through an encryption process in which carbon data events are appended to a time-ordered blockchain via hashing, digital signature and the use of cryptographic keys.  



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